The Mold Racking( Can be customized)

The mold racking is mainly used for storage of all kinds of heavy objects such as molds. It is mainly composed of upright frame, drawer layer, pulling rod and self – locking device. Suitable for storage of all kinds of molds, generally used in rows, the top can be equipped with hand hoist and horizontal moving trolley for the lifting of the mold, the drawer layer can be removed 2/3.

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The drawer layer of the mold racking is mainly composed of slide track and layer board, which is composed of the stress frame and steel plate.

Each slide track is fixed top & bottom ,front & back by two bearings, It can roll freely in the guide slot with little resistance, can easily pull out of the drawer with one hand, reduce the intensity of labor. The self-locking device is composed of a positioning spring and a pin shaft, which ensures that the drawer cannot be moved after it is in place and does not affect the operation of the drawers within the travel range.

Assembled by a variety of components, simple structure, easy to disassemble, transport and assemble.

The roller track is equiped under the model racking drawer board, can pull freely and smoothly with light force with loaded.

Added additional positioning safety device, safe and reliable, can pull out 66%, loading capacity is 500-2000kg per layer.

The mold racking needs less space,  high loading capacity, detailed classification, easy operation.

Used for mold storage, no need for forklift truck, hand hoist mobile car is optional at the top, mold lifting can be achieved.  It is widely used in the mold and other processing equipment storage, is now an indispensable storage of chemical plants.

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