Steel platform (Can be customized)

The steel platform is also called the working platform. The modern steel platform has a variety of structure forms and functions. The biggest feature of this platform is the all-assembled structure, which is flexible in design. It can be designed and produced according to site conditions to meet site, functional and logistics requirements.

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Parameter of steel platform (Can be customized)

Steel Platform : The column in first floow is produced by round pipe/square pipe . The second floor is the platform. It is suitable for high warehouse and dense stacking. (Generally, the pallet is stacked on the ground) the first floor is with forklift/stacker access, the second floor for manual/trolly access. Lifting platform can be set up.

Loading capacity:  300Kg-1000Kg. And the maximum spacing between columns is within 6 meters.

Structure: At the top of the column is welded with U-shaped cross, the beam is placed in the U-groove, After the secondary beam and the beam connected, the floor can be placed on the secondary beam, then riveted and fixed.

Application:Dilong teel platform are produced by  high quality carbon structural steel, automatic surface spraying anti-corrosion treatment, superior loading performance, simple & generous outlook,it is widely used in various industries.

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