Steel pallet (Can choose or design model by requirements)

Implementation of national standards: GBT2934-2007& GB10486-1989
The main material of steel pallet is steel or galvanized steel plate, which is made by special equipment and formed by various profiles supporting each other, and then welded by carbon dioxide gas protection welding.
Steel pallet is divided into bidirectional fork and four side fork, is one of the important equipment of modern industrial storage and transportation.

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Steel pallet is a kind of tools widely used in mechanized handling and stocking of goods. It is mainly used for ground storage, shelf storage, combined transportation and turnover of goods. Its small height makes it easy to use forklifts or pallet trucks.

Features of steel pallet

Independent research and development, professional design, automatic produced, good flexibility, high loading capacity.

Used high quality steel, specified equipment produced, scientific and beautiful.

The surface adopts shot peening epoxy resin electrostatic spraying technology, which is resistant to corrosion, high temperature and anti-falling.

Implement of national standards

Optional with RFID electronic identification device and positioning function.


Widely used in machinery, chemical, medical, textile, food, logistics and other industries.

Pallet Specification

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