Pallet Racking: Dilong pallet racking with multiple sizes, racking designed according to pallet size

The most widely used warehouse racking: Pallet racking is also known as heavy duty racking or beam racking, which are generally used with steel pallet or plastic pallet. In fact, as the name implies, it is a rack that can put pallets.
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Features of pallet racking
Simple structure, high loading capacity, forklift operation, load and unload convenient, easy to install and disassemble, etc. Furthermore, the standard size of pallet is 1200*1000mm. If the loading capacity of each pallet is 1000kg, then two pallets are placed on each beam, that is to say, the loading capacity of the beam of each pallet racking is 2000kg. Then this racking should be configured as follows: The upright specification will be 90*70*2.0mm, and box beam specification will be 20*50*1.5mm. The color of the rack can be customized by actual needs . Commonly used colors are sapphire blue, orange red, light gray.
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Size of Pallet Racking size – How to calculate the pallet racking size?
The pallet rack length design standard = steel pallet length *2+300mm. That is, the cutting length of the racking beam. The depth of racking = the depth of pallet -100mm, Because the depth direction of the pallet is loaded between the two beams, and also follow the design principle that both end of pallet is 50 to 80mm wider than beams,the higher of racking, the wider than the beam, this guarantee the stability of the racks.
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Pallet Size
Pallet size standard is an important standard of logistics unitary. Pallet is directly related to storage racking, handling products, containers, transportation vehicles, unloading platforms and handling facilities, Pallet is directly related to storage racking, handling products, containers, transportation vehicles, unloading platforms and handling facilities. Therefore, the size of pallet is the basis for considering the size of other logistics equipment. Dilong here need to specially mention: In order to establish an effective pallet public system, it is necessary to use pallet of uniform specifications, and the standardization of pallet is the premise of the consistency of pallet operation. When we choose the pallet size, we should consider the following factors:

Specification of transport tools and equipment.
Suitable pallet size should be in line with the size of the transport vehicle, which can make full use of the space of the transport vehicle, improve the loading rate, reduce the transport cost, especially considering the container size of shipping containers and transport commercial vehicles.

Packing specifications of goods on pallets
Choose suitable pallets according to the package specifications that will be loaded on the pallet. Try to maximize the use of pallet surface area, control the height of loaded goods. The reasonable index of pallet carrying goods is: To achieve 80% surface area utilization of the pallet, the height of the center of gravity of the cargo should not exceed two thirds of the width of the pallet.

Versatility of pallet size
International standard pallet specifications should be selected as far as possible to facilitate the exchange and use of pallets.

Pallet size used in different area of world
The flow direction of pallet for loading directly affects the selection of pallet size. Generally, goods going to Europe should choose 1210 pallets (1200mm*1000mm) or 1208 pallets (1200mm*800mm). 1111 pallets (1100mm*1100mm) should be selected for goods going to Japan and South Korea; The goods to Oceania should choose 1140mm*1140mm or 1067mm*1067mm pallets; Choose 48 “*40″ pallets for goods going to the United States, in China , 1210 pallet is commonly used for goods send to USA. Here need to mention that 1200mm*1000mm pallet has been widely used at home and abroad.

In use of pallet racking, need to pay attention to the loading capacity of pallet.
Static capacity
Static load refers to the maximum load weight that the pallet can bear when the pallet is placed on a horizontal and rigid plane and the goods are evenly spread on the pallet

Dynamic capacity
Dynamic load refers to the maximum load weight that can be borne by the pallet when the pallet truck and other handling equipment are used and the goods on the pallet are evenly placed in dynamic operation.

Loading capacity
Refers to the maximum load weight that the pallet can bear when the pallet is on the beam rack or other similar shelf.
Therefore, when choosing the load capacity of the pallet, we should understand the function of the pallet. When the pallet is put on the rack for storage, the load on the rack is the most important. At the same time, the load capacity of the pallet is greatly related to the placement of goods on the pallet, As the load area decreases, the actual residual load of the pallet will also decrease than the original rated loading capacity.
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