Drive-through Racking ( Can be customized)

High storage density, high space utilization rate.
The pickup end is always with pallets.
Forklift is always on the outside of the racking, with good and low damage environment.
High density fast access, follow the principle of first in last out.

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Drive-through racking is also known as drive-in racking. This is a kind of continuous whole building racking which is not divided by aisles. On supporting rails, the pallets are placed in depth one after the other, which makes high density storage possible. The investment cost of drive-in rakcing is relatively low, and it is suitable for goods that the horizontal size is large, the variety is less, the quantity is large and the goods access mode can be predetermined. It is widely used to store large quantities of the same type of goods.
Loading capacity: 800 to 1500kgs /layer

11-3-768x698 22-2


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