DL-SC Series Manual Hydraulic Stacker (1mt/ 2 mt)

DLZ-5T Hydraulic Pallet Truck adopts a unique transmission system, no driving wear, maintenance free, precise micro-control to ensure the safety of big cargo transportation, solve starting difficulty for manual handling of big cargo.
●With manual hydraulic lift, Strong & solid frame, high loading capacity.
●Adopted unique limit walking and brake,make big cargo handling safety.
●It has excellent performance, compact structure and is an ideal tool for short distance handling.

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The door frame adopts our company’s unique C type steel structure, the structure is firm.
The oil pump is sealed as a whole, and the parts of pipe fittings are imported originals to eradicate the malpractice of oil leakage.
Steering wheel types: Nylon wheel, PU wheel, they have their own advantages.
Its small turning radius allows it to operate in a narrower space.
Two type of options are available: conventional handle lift and handle and foot lift.
Adjustable fork legs and fork can be customized according to customer requirements.
Industrial product design, surface using electrostatic spray, exquisite appearance.

Style No. SC01-1025 SC04-2020 SC08-1020
Loading Capacity(kg) 1000 2000 1000
Load centre distance (mm) 450/600 450/600 450/600
Dead Weigth (kg) 169/285 330/348 246/262
Lifting Height (mm) 2500 2000 2000
Stacker Length (mm) 1515/1765 1530/1780 1515/1765
Stacker Width (mm) 880 900 880
Stacker Height (mm) 1830 1585 1585
Fork Length (mm) 960/1150 960/1150 960/1150
Fork adjustable width (mm) 280-630 280-630 280-630
Min. height of fork (mm) 90 90 90
Min. turning radius (mm)) 1250/1500 1250/1500 1250/1500
The front wheel diameter (mm) 80×68 80×68 80×68
The rear wheel diameter (mm) 150 180 150

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